The traditional Florida home was concrete block and continued to be built more out of tradition than necessity. Recently, a large percentage of Florida homes are being constructed of wood frame. The wood frame home offers superior insulation properties and using pressure treated wood for the bottom plate provides minimal exposure to termites. The frame allows the builder to utilize more innovative glass and etc. The block still remains very popular and the cost of either alternative is about the same. However, with the recent Building Code changes for the new wind loads due to Hurricane Andrew, concrete block with some combination of wood frame will be the predominant method of construction. You will typically find concrete block on all exterior first floor walls with wood frame used for the exterior walls opening to the rear porch. The area opening to the rear porch is where the majority of glass is installed and building this area using wood frame construction allows the innovative use of glass. Also, it is not unusual for Home Buyers to change their minds regarding size of windows and wood frame construction allows for cost effective changes that a block structure would not.

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